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  Website Copywriting

The core to a substantial web presence is hidden in the trick of getting hold of the fast scanning eyes and rapidly clicking fingers. And the 'trick' is nothing but an efficient copywriting, the crux of which can be summarized in a one-liner: Know Your Readers And Their Needs. Content2Please, a division of Indus Net Technologies (an ISO 9001:2008 company), with its outstanding quality and apt services has made the critical job of website copywriting achievable yet effortless.

Packages we offer:

Website Copywriting :

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5 - 7 pages with around 200-300 words per page.

Know your product and it's possibilities
Understand your target market
Create simple, informative, keyword rich content for SEO
High ranking in search engine results
Huge visitor conversion rate
Healthy financial turnover due to regular flow of heavy viewer traffic

Website Copyediting :

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5-7 pages with around 200-300 words per page.


Exhaustive error elimination process, be it grammar or punctuation
A flawless quality content that ensures a dignified web identity

Dedicated Website Content Writer :

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Monthly basis

$1100 per month

Team member or members 100% devoted to project till completion
Research and explore avenues for a unique content, till your gratification
Change of dedicated member if your satisfaction is not up to the mark
Become a virtual boss a remote office
interact on one to one basis
Just pay on monthly basis
No other management issue
No infrastructure burden

What is Website Copywriting ?

Copywriting for web means drawing attention and inspiring action that reflects in form of high traffic and increased sales. But web content is not some thing that is written in haste because seldom the Netizens are roaming in the world of web in leisure. At Content2Please, the key targets that guides and mould website copywriting services are:

Informative content as a by product of exhaustive research
Call to action
Most wanted response
Visitor conversion

In the field of online business, you may be an old player or amateur, you may have thousand customers or trying to attract a handful. But the challenge is, after managing the commercial formalities how well versed you remain with the psyche and sensibilities of your web customers and the ' blink-and-its-changed ' trend of technology?

The vast global inventory of content writing service comprises of copywriting, technical write-ups , academic research works, and keyword analysis for SEO and so on. To be precise, website copywriting involves:

Original content written with K-I-S-S -Keep It Short and Simple strategy
Dissemination of maximum information about product and services
Explore and infuse potent keywords in body content to insure high page
through SEO
Persuasive expression that convinces the buyer and ensures return visit

How does Website Copywriting work ?  

"The first major difference that jumps out in the Yahoo results is the preference Yahoo's algorithm seems to have for more words on a page. The average number of words on a page for Google was 943 while Yahoo's average words per page in the top 10 were 1305. Google also analyzes the content of web pages to ensure the results returned are the most relevant to a user's query. " Density Comparison

The above report flashes the glaring fact that web content is not just a lousy essay portraying creativity or jumbled gathering of keywords; ready to be trapped in the net of search engines. Clear and crisp content consisting of appropriate most searched for key phrases and relevant information are the key factors for a healthy ranking and that "most wanted response" . A good content writing service with professional touch ensures the following:

Write Right: A potent content showcasing the purpose and objective of the site properly
Viewer's Virtue: A user-friendly way of writing that is simple yet rich with information
See You with SEO: Intelligent composition complementing the Search Engine Optimization process that ensures top ranking in search results
Traffic Trend: Regular and subsequent return visits by web travelers
Marketing Magnet: Demonstrates a sublime 'push' strategy that emphasizes benefits and requests action
Image Architect: Builds a professional and intelligent online image

Where Content2Please Comes In ?

"Easy to Grab and Grasp" is the foreword for us, the team of Content2Please, when we strive to develop a web content that promises highest visitor conversion rate and maximum availability of information. Our website copywriting services pursue a time-tested procedure to compose a content combining an effective marketing and call-to-action aspect to it. Our "Task and Effect" works magically following the simple step-by-step method:

Understand the substance of your organization or interest and it's objectives
Dig into the details of your product and services
Grasp the mindset of your target customer
Generate unique and original content with effective search engine optimization (SEO)
Explore and insert winning keywords that improves your rankings in search engine result pages (SERP)
Productive lay-out of information that attracts ready-to-buy traffic and ensure return visits
Persuasive copywriting that convinces the viewer to take an action you desire ... buy, sign up, subscribe, make contact or to make return visits

Want to know more or request for a free quote?

"We-For Amateurs To Amsterdam -a travel agency located in Amsterdam , The Netherlands, are very pleased to express our gratification towards the admirable job done by the members of Content2Please for our website. For a company like us at the forefront of the expanding hotel industry, stable and well-engineered language standards are crucial for our business and for our customers. The target is to tell more so that we sell more. And Content2Please hit the bull's eye for us with a web content that is crafted with dexterity. Great traffic, high page rank and top 10 listings with ultimate utilization of SEO, the Content2Please people have provided us with all we needed to grab the web-travelers."

--- David Kerr
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