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  Technical Writing

At Content2Please we understand that technical writing, highly under-rated as just what-to-do and how-to-do-it instructions, is a difficult task because it demands an easy and lucid style while writing about technical subjects. Too often technical writing has a flat edge making documents difficult and tedious to read, but there's no reason why technical writing shouldn't be lively and interesting.

Technical Writing Services :

  Services   Types   Details   User Groups
Basic Technical Writing
Installation Manuals
Maintenance Manuals
User/Product Manuals
Quick Reference Guides
Computer-based Training
Online Help guides
Step-by-step guide for software setup.
Step-by-step guide for equipment maintenance.
Descriptive, step-by-step guide for learning product operation.
Books on troubleshooting for ready reference.
Subject specific learning guide for computers.
Troubleshooting guides available on the Internet.

Novice end users.


Casual Users.
High End Technical Writing
Software/Code Documentation
A form of documentation embedded within the source code of a software, describing the various aspects of the codes intended operation(s). Should be easily accessible to an user.

System Administrators

Database Developers

Project planning & Management
A process that identifies the lifecycle and visibility of the tools a project may use and describes the essential planning i.e. organization plan, risk factors, test plans, installation plan etc.

Development Managers, Project Managers, System Administrators, Test Managers.


Indexing of Printed and Online documents.

A detailed topic analysis of any given text or a condensed overview of related texts in the form of a conceptual map. Indexing helps readers to navigate easily through the information provided in the main content(s).

End users and consumers.

What is a Technical Writing ?

A detailed or persuasive form of writing to convey information for technical or business purposes, technical writing needs to be useful and the presented information must be easily understood and acted upon. Technical writing must follow certain guidelines, which are:

An Intelligent architecture: The style of writing must allow the reader a prompt understanding of the subject
Avoidance of Confusion: Technical writing should be devoid of any expression whose meaning cannot be determined from its context.
Choice of Words: Malapropism (misusing a word) or the usage of difficult words should be avoided as a rule of thumb.
Conciseness: The writer should be capable of expressing a great deal in just a few words.
Grammatical rules should be given prime importance.

How does Technical Writing Work ?

Delivers Technical information in an easy and lucid manner
Cuts short on technical complexity giving usability options the first preference
Exclude irrelevant information that offers nothing significant to users
Makes a piece of equipment popular among end users acting as a form of alternative advertisement
Adds value to a product

Where Do Content2Please Come In ?

It takes a little more than delivering what-to-do and how-to-do-it instructions when it comes to Technical Writing in its true sense. There should be a proper understanding of Technology to offer specialized business solutions, both in the corporate as well as in the public sector. Content2Please (a wing of Indus Net Technologies, an ISO 9001:2008 company) methodology maintains its standards as per the above term, which in turn ensures our clients a successful and synchronized completion of the projects.

Our Goals :

Fulfilling the client's specific objectives

Delivering custom services targeted to beginners and casual users (end users)

Delivering high-end technical matter intended to serve the 'Tech' community
Ensuring our clients a successful and synchronized completion of the undertaken projects

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