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  SEO Copywriting

The passport to better page rank and higher targeted traffic to your website is nothing more or less than keyword rich website content.

Content2Please, complimented by the proficient leadership of Indus Net Technologies, (an ISO 9001:2008 company) is one such worthy ‘word-factory’ that produces informative, persuasive, and keyword-rich website content - all for you at an affordable price. Our efforts ensure you maximum visibility and exposure in SERPs for an enhanced ROI.

In our endeavor to create a dignified and distinct web identity for you and help you in improving your website ROI, we provide you the following packages at your service:

Packages we offer:

SEO Copywriting :

  Offer Details   Price   Our Task   Your Benefits
5-7 pages website with 500 words per page and a maximum of 10
Know your product and your target market
Explore SEO words relevant to your field
Create a balanced content of SEO words and information
High ranking in search engine results
High visitor conversion
Healthy financial turnover due to regular flow of
targeted traffic

SEO Copyediting :

  Offer Details   Price   Our Task   Your Benefits

5-7 pages website with 500 words per page and a maximum of 10


Infuse maximum SEO words relevant to the subject of content.
A flawless quality content that ensures a dignified web identity

Dedicated SEO Content Writer :

  Offer Details   Price   Our Task   Your Benefits

Monthly basis

$1100 per month

Team member or members 100% devoted to project till completion
Research and explore avenues for a unique content, till your gratification
Change of dedicated member if your satisfaction is not up to the mark
Become a virtual boss a remote office
interact on one to one basis
Just pay on monthly basis
No other management issue
No infrastructure burden

What is SEO content ?

SEO, an abbreviation for "Search Engine Optimization," is perhaps the most in-thing in the worldwide online business. It is a process that helps your web site to appear on the top when a potential customer type in search queries related to your site.

For this, the content needs to be enriched with relevant keywords that jibe with the ‘search’ pulse of a prospective surfer. Focusing on effective functionality and usability, SEO copywriting usually involves the following:

Subject- specific keyword analysis for higher rank in the top search engine
Intelligent blending of maximum number of keywords with main content
Balanced utilization of SEO so it doesn’t over saturate the keyword density
Efficient manipulation of potent keywords to highlight your offers and services

Consequently, the following benefits can be reaped:

Stay on top of ever-changing search engine algorithms
Improve conversion of the existing pages
Abide by search engine guidelines and avoid penalization
Rank higher - for longer

How do SEO content writing works?

Today’s web visitors get deluged under the towering waves of advertising and subtle messaging the moment they click in to the online world. But the fact is, over 85% of prospective customers use the Internet for information. Among them, 56.6% abandon their searches after browsing the first two pages.

However ironic it may sound, but the fact is that over 85% of prospective customers use the Internet to find what they are looking for and 56.6% of them abandon their searches after browsing the first two pages.

With competition getting stiffer by the day, apart from a well-groomed look, it is with SEO techniques that a web site stands out distinctively among the millions. It has now become a powerful tool to grab high rankings that eventually builds a potential web market place.

Content2Please uses proven on-page optimization techniques as well as brainstorms new ideas to rank sites in top positions and eventually build a potential web market place for their esteemed clients. The reasons of emphasizing on SEO supportive content are the following:

Millions visit the web daily for information or buying/selling of a product
Proper placement of potent keywords determines up to 80-90 % of traffic
A potential tool to hit the bull’s eye in the vulnerable world of web marketing
Boosts up rankings of website in leading SERPs
Increases viewers traffic
Gives maximum exposure to the web travelers
Helps you to consolidate your brand
Acts as a key player in generating higher revenues

Where Content2Please Comes In ?

It is true that a quality piece of content emanates the requisite appeal for a website. But it is the well-researched keywords that bait the target viewers to your online address.

We, at Content2Please with our dexterous SEO copywriting services facilitate you to bolster visitor conversion rate. The aim is to script a way so that people can easily knock on your site and explore vividly about your company and it’s offerings.

Our strength lies in penning down original and information-rich content that pre-dominantly but subtly nestles the most searched for words through thorough keyword analysis. We perform the balancing act well to stay away from the negative impact of over optimization.

Content2Please proves to be the front-runner in the SEO copywriting service, providing industry with the following supporting statements:

Easy-to-read and easier-to-grasp informative content
Rigorous research of search engine compatibility of a particular subject
Persuasive writing with maximum SEO words for higher visitor conversion rate
Original content, bereft of any repetitiveness or plagiarism
Placement of right word in right place so that the site is optimally optimized
User-friendly approach for higher viewer traffic
Increasing trend of your sales and profit curve
No outdated tactics used for which sites may get dropped from search engines

Examples :

A good ranking on a major search engine makes the difference between commercial success and failure in online business. All top search engines prefer to rank those sites in the top listings that consist of user-friendly information in precise way. A descriptive site body mentioning the keywords innumerable times is not the solution.

Our set of highly experienced and skillful writers at Content2Please implants the the mostly searched for keywords in the main content in proper ratio and equivalence. So, procurement and distribution of keywords according to the subject and its target viewer have become our monopoly to success. The simple process of ‘pick-and-blend’ keywords can be explained further for your reference:

If a person is looking for information regarding hotels in Amsterdam, it is assumed that he or she might type the following words in search engines to look for relevant details in websites:

Hotels in Amsterdam, Good hotels in Amsterdam, Where to stay in Amsterdam, Budget hotels in Amsterdam, Luxury hotels in Amsterdam…….etc.

Now, websites that have the above mentioned keywords or phrases in their copy would be displayed by the search engines in their result pages. But web contents that are carefully crafted with required SEO words appear among the top ten results. This brings higher visibility and subsequent ‘hit counts’.

Content2Please team members are proficient in sorting out relevant optimizing words effortlessly. We create an edge over others by disseminating a SEO favoring copywriting service that gives you an unmatched web presence and superior website ranking on all search engines.

Application and Software Support:

Be it giving “web-voice” to a certain issue, elaborating your corporate entity, promoting your new product or just buying a bouquet of flowers, the World Wide Web has become a common platform to advocate their respective cause. And, inevitably all them expect the highest numbers of ‘click-ins’ to reap utmost from the booming web-marketing arena.

Want to know more or request for a free quote?

"We-For Amateurs To Amsterdam -a travel agency located in Amsterdam , The Netherlands, are very pleased to express our gratification towards the admirable job done by the members of Content2Please for our website. For a company like us at the forefront of the expanding hotel industry, stable and well-engineered language standards are crucial for our business and for our customers. The target is to tell more so that we sell more. And Content2Please hit the bull's eye for us with a web content that is crafted with dexterity. Great traffic, high page rank and top 10 listings with ultimate utilization of SEO, the Content2Please people have provided us with all we needed to grab the web-travelers."

--- David Kerr
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