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  Hire a Full Time Content Writer

Millions of business houses worldwide are reaping the rewards of hiring dedicated writers and increasingly realising the benefit of this kind of services. The companies concerned are happy with the results because in the process, not only are they saving money, but also are increasing their sales. Content2Please, an established identity in the field of web content services, is one of the forerunners in providing Dedicated Writer Hiring Services.

One of the shining jewels of the triumphant family of Indus Net Technologies, (an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company) Content2Please is a one-stop solution for any content service in the domain of web world. Our Dedicated Writer Hiring service is a boon to individual or organisations who might not have the time and adequate infrastructure to materialise a healthy web address.

We offer you this excellent opportunity to customise the substance of your website just the you want and a member of our team remains at your disposal as long as your thoughts get infused into alphabets. The advantages of this service are manifold that can be deduced from the following:

The Methodology:

Request us for a free quote with your project details
Mention the features you require
Frame your target timeline for the project
Successful settlement of all the formalities with us
One or more writer is assigned to you against a fixed monthly charge
Interact and communicate on one to one basis
Regular updates and necessary changes till satisfactory completion of project

What We Provide:

Top of the tier professional writers
Original and quality, SE- friendly, key word rich content
Undivided attention to details and your requirements
Unlimited services within the contract period without any financial naggings
Clear channel of communication and regular updates of job done
Cost-effective and hassle free environment to smoothen the work progress
Replacement of the hired person in case of dissatisfaction from results

  Easy Billing Process
The content writer is assigned to you for a minimum specific duration. It can be between 3 months to 9 months
Each assigned individual works for you for 22 Days in a month and delivers 160 hours of production at the cost agreed upon
The work is carried on between 9:30 AM - 6 PM (Mon - Fri) at our development center in India
After the completion of first month, the invoice is sent to you between 7-10th of every month and this is due by 12 of the same month. Payment needs to made in advance for the current month
The bill is reduced proportionately if the number of working days is less than the stipulated 22 during any given month i.e. if a content writer works only for 11 days then you have to pay only half the fees
If the number of working days is more than 22 for any given month, then the billing remains the same i.e. if you get 24 work days between 1 - 31 of any month then you enjoy the remaining 2 days totally free of all costs
The notice period before termination of service or any individual employee has to be 15 days otherwise the billing for the whole month needs to be paid
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How do you benefit:

Get fresh new concepts and perspectives to promote your interest
User-friendly writing that promises return visits
Consistent good rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs)
Save your time and money from investing it in a full time set-up
Become a virtual boss to a remote office
Keep a tab of work progress on regular basis
Optimum ROI
No hassles of HR or management related issues
Expansion of existing business with the money saved

The cost layout:

Roles Available Hours Per Month Price Minimum Contract Duration
SEO Copywriter 160-176 $1100/Month 3 - 6 Months
Website Copywriter 160-176 $1100/Month 3 - 6 Months
Blog Writer 160-176 $1100/Month 6 - 9 Months
Press Release Writer 160-176 $1100/Month 3 - 6 Months
Technical Writer 160-176 $1100/Month 3 - 6 Months
Newsletter Writer 160-176 $1100/Month 3 - 9 Months
Feel free to contact us in case you are looking for some other skill set which is not mentioned above

  Payroll, Infrastructure, HR Burden: Get rid of three business budgetary blocks

Utilising our services, you will be relieved of the payroll burden totally. The usual 'troublesome' package of payroll includes:

Federal Unemployment Taxes
State Unemployment Taxes
Workers' Compensation Coverage
Employee Benefit Package (Paid Leave, Paid Holiday, Insurance etc)
Employee Training
Other associated employee administrative expenses
Overhead expenses which can be 50% - 75% of salary expenses

More Detailed Example based on a typical USA and Canada based company:

Present Cost Outlay of Your Company
Average Production Hours per day 8
Average Production Hours per week 40 - 55
Average Number of working days each month 22 - 26
Average total number of hours per month 160 - 176
Average hourly rate per of an ordinary Writer $40 - $70
Average salary per Writer $4K - $7K
Net Monthly cost per Writer (Salary + Overheads) $6K - $10K

Your Cost Outlay at
Average Production Hours per day 8
Average Production Hours per week 40-55
Average Number of working days each month 22 - 26
Average total number of hours per month 160-176
Net Monthly cost per writer $1100

Potential Saving = 75%

Note: This program can increase your profitability per project by 60 - 75%.

Note: Now Content2Please offers you a unique opportunity to test-drive our services for a period of 15 days before agreeing to minimum contract period of 3 months. Request your FREE Proposal on Content Writer Hiring.

  Freedom To Concentrate on Other Innovative Ways of Marketing

Apart from Content writing services and SEO specializations, we can handle nearly all programming, design, maintenance and sales support for your companies at very economical prices. As the communication is streamlined, you can devote more time interacting with your customers and explore avenues that are in the best interest of the company.

You can conveniently increase your budget allotted to marketing and can increase your HR strength in that area, thanks to the reduced operational cost.

Note: A reduced operational cost due to hiring of our services, not only means a good savings balance but also an opportunity to invest the same in boosting up marketing.

  Focus on Organisational Efficiency and Profitability

When the work is outsourced, you and your client are potentially on the same level as you get the rare opportunity to see things much like your clients does when they look at your company from outside. You get to notice a lot of things, which you otherwise would not have noticed, thus you can change things in a manner that your overall efficiency and profitability of the company is improved.

Note: The team work under your project management methods and they are your virtual team. You can change things the way you want to deliver better efficiency.

  Get access to Just in Time Team

There is lot involved in keeping people in every area of the business you are in so that you can provide a 360° service to your client. This often means keeping a team on the bench. As the demand scales up, you will find it difficult to hire and train people who can deliver the work at acceptable quality and to make matters worse the client will not let you have the luxury of time. Content2Please has the unique capability of providing you with high quality content writers and developers in all areas and within 15 days only. We can scale up your team in 15 days notice. We have expertise in following areas:

SEO Copywriting
Website Copywriting
Newsletter Writing
Blog Writing
Technical Writing
Press Release Writing

Note: You can hire people just in time when the projects come in and you will not have to maintain a workforce that is very costly.

Note: You can test-drive our services for a period of 15 days before agreeing to minimum contract period of 3 months. Request your FREE Proposal on Content Writer Hiring.

"We-For Amateurs To Amsterdam -a travel agency located in Amsterdam , The Netherlands, are very pleased to express our gratification towards the admirable job done by the members of Content2Please for our website. For a company like us at the forefront of the expanding hotel industry, stable and well-engineered language standards are crucial for our business and for our customers. The target is to tell more so that we sell more. And Content2Please hit the bull's eye for us with a web content that is crafted with dexterity. Great traffic, high page rank and top 10 listings with ultimate utilization of SEO, the Content2Please people have provided us with all we needed to grab the web-travelers."

--- David Kerr
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