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  Creative Writing

Our arena of content services cover an entire spectrum of industries, ranging from taking informed strategic decisions to delivering experienced, objective analysis and consultation. We have the following services on offer: just pick and click.

Creative Writing - From thoughts to thresholds.
Construct a thorough piece of writing through a series of well-planned stages. Our team is organised in its presentation and thorough in its development. Let us transform your initial thoughts to a polished literary piece to suit every occasion.

Other valuable services provided by Content2Please

  • Website Content Writing- Concise or elaborate, choice is yours.
    Our skills are a potential weapon for you to propagate your thoughts and making them penetrate successfully through the highly vulnerable marketing domain.
  • AD Copy Writing - Speak more, sell more.
    A casually penned down mass of black and white doesn't necessarily project the crème. We help you to speak more about yourself; your commodities, intellectual or material; grab the attention and make way to the destined buyer. Our team is here to weave the spell.
  • Technical Writing - For the method in an order.
    Cerebral yet dynamic, our team of writers are also active learners who understand technologies and scientific concepts. With verbal and written skills that are one of the highest calibers in the industry, what we shall create for you will be methodical, organized, and compact.
  • SEO Content Writing- Looking forward to more traffic?
    Ethical and effective, we reconfigure websites to maximize visibility to ensure enhanced traffic, sales and leads through our informative, persuasive, and keyword-rich website content writing.
  • Game Writing - When binary gets boring.
    It is vital to provide a gripping narrative to a computer game to draw the players in. For our team members, it is a way of life. Rightly written write-ups bring forth the difference.
  • Research Papers and Thesis/Academic Writing - Facts and fictions, the blazing fusion.
    Much more than just being a loose collection of anecdotal memories or a patchwork of data pulled from several books, a research paper or thesis work can prove restraining, nerve-wracking and also humiliating, if plagiarized. Our services free you from confronting such hazards.
  • E learning - If a richer and more engaging educational experience is what you want to deliver.
    Our formative evaluation techniques outline the key notions for building an effective e-learning strategy. The outcome, therefore, is renowned far and wide.
  • Resume Building - Get your portrait done, with words.
    A basic foundation for job searches, the proper resume not only conveys an individual's qualifications but also his/her abilities to a prospective employer. We offer a clear and well-organized presentation that highlights the most appealing aspects of the job seeker's background.
  • Business Writing - A Shift in your perspectives.
    White and Grey are out. Enter our Business writing services. See your boss turning into a literary gourmet.

  • Blog/ Newsletters Writing- Verves in Verbs
    Contests, comments and communication; should we say we re-defined the Trinity?
  • Report and Review Writing - Deliver the essential contents.
    A professional outlook with a logical fashion, complete with point-form outlines. We specialize in forming concise statements appropriate for the busy-bee it's directed towards.
  • E advertising - Utilize every possible avenue.
    Thirsty for the 24/7 recognition worldwide? Just take it this way; your image is more vital to us. Let us prove it by letting you tap into the extensive exposure.
  • Ghost Writing - A spectral tale in binaries.
    Break free from solitude, coffee and aspirin. The burden of developing that competent piece of prose on someone else's behalf now rests on our shoulders.
  • Book summary and Book reviews - Read between the lies.
    Whether it comes to seeking information or jotting down a critical appraisal, the results synthesized by us are an elaborate summary of 'what is' and 'what is not' known.
  • Press release Writing -Designed to transmit facts
    With the 'inverted triangle' on offer, our services always improve the likeliness of a story to get picked-up.
  • E-brochure - Fundamentals to the savvy.
    A proper Web presence has become an essential marketing component today; together with an e-brochure, it could be just the right touch.

Still not sure about the type of service you want? Post your project plan for a free analysis and quote.

"We-For Amateurs To Amsterdam -a travel agency located in Amsterdam , The Netherlands, are very pleased to express our gratification towards the admirable job done by the members of Content2Please for our website. For a company like us at the forefront of the expanding hotel industry, stable and well-engineered language standards are crucial for our business and for our customers. The target is to tell more so that we sell more. And Content2Please hit the bull's eye for us with a web content that is crafted with dexterity. Great traffic, high page rank and top 10 listings with ultimate utilization of SEO, the Content2Please people have provided us with all we needed to grab the web-travelers."

--- David Kerr
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