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  Advantages Content2Please Provides

Content2Please, a glorious member of the successfully extended family of Indus Net Technologies ( an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company), extends an array of services and benefits to its esteemed clients under one roof. The advantages that Content2Please provides are umpteen and may run into pages if explained vividly. Here is a quick glimpse of a select few:

Lowest Cost Of Ownership Globally - Guaranteed

Content2Please promises you maximum return for your every penny spend and ensure that you belt out the least according to industry standard. Our confidence about our value proposition reflects in the fact that we can guarantee lowest cost of ownership globally for all projects we do. In a global economy, this is a rare assurance.

Our efficient and productive content services are reasonably priced and come in a package full of several free "necessities" that you will have to spend on otherwise. Further, when you add on the value of committed time that we spend on each of your project to make sure that it meets your business requirement and results in measurable benefits, you will surely be able to judge the value of the offering. It is all about providing the best value for your hard earned money.

You are assured of:

No cost escalation
No hourly consultation fees
Delivery up to your specification
Free services / offerings that you will otherwise buy

Customized Solutions, Always!

Identical never attracts and so is it for business prospects too. So, plagiarism is the first concept that is missing in our services and the last word that appears in our thoughts.

We do not believe in solutions to content services in ad-hoc basis. All our services are customized and personalized to meet client requirements with best possible distinction.

Quality Makes All The Difference

Quality of content is like a double sided mirror, it is a barometer of stature for the owner of the website and the service provider as well. To a great extent, content writing quality is "perceived" on personal opinion and on a subjective scale but the testimony of its success lies in viewer acceptability.

We restrain ourselves from any kind of generalization and literary theft and also enforce an objective quality assurance program to make sure that your site is well tested and well received in a positive frame of mind by most of your prospective site visitors.

Positive Attitude, Honesty and Commitment

The young and dynamic professionals of Content2Please work with a P-A-C-T- that are, positive attitude, commitment and tenacity. Every team member who works in our studios is a full time employee and the standard of honesty and discipline that we maintain helps to bring out the best. The never say die attitude will surely do well to your project.

Confidentiality & Respect

Your information is always kept confidential. We protect your privacy with all our resources and efforts by all possible means. All our clients are treated with utmost respect and dignity by one and all in Content2Please. We expect to be treated with respect in return. We believe in the following saying:

"Customer is the most important visitor on our premises. We are not doing a favor by serving him. He is doing a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so"

One Stop Company for All Web Related Services

Content2Please has a vision to be the preferred service provider for small and medium sized businesses globally for web content related services. With the huge popularity of Design2Please and Script2Please, the adding up of Content2Please helps us provide you with holistic service.

To keep up with this goal, Content2Please is fast adding several auxiliary services to its portfolio which are much required by a web site / small business owner. This service focuses on

Search engine optimization

We are in a continuous process of adding more services to our extended portfolio on a regular basis to establish our self as a one-stop shop for all your web related service needs.

Money Back Guarantee

Content2Please offers the unbelievable proposition of money back guarantee to its customers if they are not happy with the output shown to them in the initial phase of the project. This guarantee is subject to terms and conditions, so that the same flexibility is not misused.

Experience Makes Things Easier For You

Content2Please is not one of those 'fly-by-night' operators in the field of content writing services and neither our success story is made of any windfall achievements. Years of hard work and subsequent client satisfaction have enriched us with experience and confidence that reflects in our services.

Over the years we have been successfully providing enterprise-solutions to global clients. This definitely can be defining difference when you compare us with any other possible competition.

Solid Infrastructure To Back Our Work

Content2Please operates from a well-equipped studio in Kolkata , India . It is geared up with high-resolution scanners, laser printers, super fast network equipments, workstations and servers. We are located in special premise which has 24 hour uninterrupted power supply and excellent bandwidth availability.

If you happen to visit Kolkata / East India in near future, feel free to fix an appointment with us and we will be more than pleased to take you around our development facilities to give you a first hand experience of our infrastructure.

No Fine Prints

We, the team of Content2Please do not believe in fine prints. Everything is communicated up front and utmost clarity is maintained in every deal. We know we make reasonable profits for our hard work and therefore we do not need to hide any thing from our customers.

We encourage our customers to read our terms of service before / after placing an order. You will be able to make out that it has protection for both parties and in favor of our customers and more than "terms of service" document from any other web content solution providing company.

Owners Are Managers

Once you get attached with Content2Please, you will be able to monitor the operation and execution of your project on day-to-day basis. This ensures more dedicated effort, quality time and higher level of responsibility to solve daily issues of the organization.

Under these circumstances, customers are bound to be pleased with their balance sheet results and customer feedbacks.

Learn more about our services or request for a free quote.

"We-For Amateurs To Amsterdam -a travel agency located in Amsterdam , The Netherlands, are very pleased to express our gratification towards the admirable job done by the members of Content2Please for our website. For a company like us at the forefront of the expanding hotel industry, stable and well-engineered language standards are crucial for our business and for our customers. The target is to tell more so that we sell more. And Content2Please hit the bull's eye for us with a web content that is crafted with dexterity. Great traffic, high page rank and top 10 listings with ultimate utilization of SEO, the Content2Please people have provided us with all we needed to grab the web-travelers."

--- David Kerr
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